Sidechaining Your Kick to Your Bass

1. Write a bassline, and add kicks

It doesn't matter too much what the bassline is or the kick pattern, just that the kicks are separate from the rest of the drums and that the bassline is cool. So here's a simple one i made, i muted the rest of the instruments so i can hear the bass and kick together easier, you can do this by right clicking one of those green lights depending on which pattern you'd like to hear, you can add more patterns by turning their green lights on.

2. Assign mixer tracks

So now you're gonna want to assign your kick to mixer channel 1 and your bass to mixer channel 2, you can do this by selecting a soundbank, going into the mixer, selecting a mixer channel, right clicking it, selecting channel routing and then route to this channel. As you can see, i have routed my kick to channel 1 and my bass to channel 2.

When you assign your tracks you will see the numbers in front of them change, this represents the mixer channel the sound is on, you can also just do this and not route them.

3. Sidechain Your Kick to Your Bass

Now you can go to channel 1, right click the little arrow thing on channel 2 and click "sidechain to this track", congrats, your kick is now sidechained to your bass.

4. Limiter

Now add a limiter to your bass channel.

then click "comp" in the bottom of the limiter, and drag the sidechain dial to 1.

Now you can mess with the "thres" and "knee" knobs until the sidechain sounds good.

5. Listen to Your Phat Sidechain

Congrats, you now know how to sidechain, have fun making epic synthwave memes.
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