Pascal van den Bos Portfolio - 2020

Welcome to my portfolio, here you can find various examples of my production and composing skills. NOTE i have made way more songs than these, these are just some of the better ones that i feel show at what level i am currently.

Unreleased Samples - MP3's

Cornflower Ascension - October 2019 - This is a song that was for the Homestuck Fan Friendsim "Through Green Doors", unfortunately i had to leave the project early on due to me not having enough time but i did write a lot of songs for it in the time that i was with them. This one is easily my favourite, Fenrot sent a simple piano melody for this song so i decided to spice it up as the character theme for their OC.
Proletariat - October 2019 - This is a remix of one of the first songs i've ever written, i also submitted it to "Through Green Doors" but i left before i knew what happened to it. I'm still really proud of this because i've always wanted to become good at writing Sega Genesis/Megadrive music and i feel like i accomplished that here.
MeGaLoVania (BeforusBound) DX - October 2019 - On the PMT album "BeforusBound" i did a remix of "MeGaLoVania" by Toby Fox, after listening to it again i realized i didn't like it at all so i tried to make a better version of it. In general this version has cooler and better sounding guitars, better drums, cooler rhythm and a much improved solo that referenced both Center Stage by Andrew "Rainy" Obeng and Dwelling Among the Dream Bubbles by yours truly. Overall my favorite Megalovania remix and probably my last.... Or is it....
Uncool Vibe - September 2019 - This is the first song i wrote that is in 5/4, i made it as an assignment for school. I never finished it because i got very stuck with it but i do want to finish it at some point in the future. It's also very clearly inspired by take five, but just pretend it isn't heh..
Apathetic Winter - August 2019 - I really like the song "Gentle Heat" by plasticSaturnia, so i wanted to remix it. Unfortunately the file crashed but iim still really proud of it and i might get back to it one day.

Strider Rooftop Stage - May 2020 - This is the first song i wrote for the Homestuck Strife Project, a fan fighting game based on Homestuck. This theme is for Dave Strider, which is why its very hip-hop/breakbeat inspired. And also why it has the Snoop Dogg samples (thanks Toby). It also references Versus by Toby Fox which i think is a pretty underrated song.
Battle! Terror Granbull Goon - June 2020 - This is one of the evil team battle themes for Pokémon Unbound which is a GBA Pokémon Fire Red Romhack. Even though this wasn't the first assignment for it got, this is one of the first songs i composed for it because i had written the Encounter theme before joining the project, and i ended up applying that as well. So later i remixed it into this awesome battle theme that i'm still super proud of!
Battle! Trainer - July 2020 - This is the main trainer battle theme for Pokémon Unbound. Originally Jose Villanueva wrote this song, but i rearranged it to make it sound a bit more full and intense. I added new drums, changed the instrumentation and made the composition overall a bit more complex.
Battle! Gym Leader - July 2020 - This is one of my favorite songs that i composed for Pokémon Unbound, it also took the longest to get right but it came out really good. I love super complex battle themes and i think this one shows some of the best work that i can do in that area..
Battle Mine - August 2020 - Unlike all the other songs from Pokémon Unbound i posted here, this is an area theme. It plays in the post game in one of the Battle Frontier facilities called The Battle Mine. It's main inspiration is Toad Factory from Mario Kart Wii, i wanted it to have the same steampunk piano ish vibe as that because it works very well for industrial songs like this.

Finished Songs - Bandcamp Links

Monatomic Strife - November 2018 - This was a track based on Dad Crocker in [S] Collide, the album “Cosmic Caretakers” where this is from so far mainly had very chill songs so i wanted to spice it up a bit with a very fast song. It’s pretty old now but i still like it a lot because of how fast it is so it’s also a good example of my faster work.
Perxenic Highlands - September 2019 - I made this song with my best friend TimelessHeir, it's one of our many collabs but definitely my favourite. It's a song about Jake English from homestuck, he's an adventurous lil guy so we made sure to give him a cool fast theme. I'm really proud of the chiptune part i did in this cause it's one of the first ones i tried and when i played this in class people said it made them feel happy so that's a cool bonus!
Dual Voltage - October 2019 - Dual Voltage is a remix of a collab i did with TimelessHeir for BeforusBound called "Mituna's Theme". I really didn't like how it came out that much though and i just felt like i could've added a lot more to it, so with this remix i basically tried to make it sound like what i was going for in the original, crazy fast SNES carnage.
Escapade - October 2019 - I wrote this song last year under the name "Land of Steampunk and Swing" for a PMT comic project but i decided to remix it into what it sounds like now. It fits [REDACTED] really well now and i'm sure it's gonna sound amazing in [REDACTED], i also added "Liquid Negrocity" by Toby Fox because Emily requested it. TimelessHeir also referenced this song in "We'll Be Right Back" and it sounds amazing.
Collapse - November 2019 - My favorite technique in writing my songs is probably using leitmotifs, with this song i tried making a song based on "Descend" by Toby Fox, but using only leitmotifs from PMT songs. In the end i managed to reference a whopping 30 different songs and i'm really proud of the end result. I imagine this playing in an epic animation every time i listen to it.
Temporal Guardian - November 2019 - A cool ass theme for a cool dad. Right when i first saw Dad Bedford in Desynced i knew he was by far the coolest character, and that i wanted to write a kickass theme for him. I based it off of a lot of old school Hip-Hop songs that i like listening to a lot, it also references "Bedelia" by the Haydn Quartet at the very start.
Alpha Admission - November 2019 - For [S] Kate: Exit we needed a cool fast paced theme that refrenced Daughter in it since it's mostly a Kate song, so that's what i did. The song itself is very much inspired by "Another Jungle" by Michael Guy Bowman, and i also decided i wanted to add Temporal Guardian and Cooldown by Rainy because dad has this super awesome fight scene in the flash.
Terminal (Mayonaka's Theme) - April 2020 - This is a song i got commissioned to me for an MSPFA called Crud Spade. It's a character theme for Mayonaka who is the leader of the Midnight Crew from Homestuck. The feel for this song was supposed to be the same as the album "The Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead" from Homestuck so i tried my best to emulate that. It also references "The Ballad of Jack Noir" by Toby Fox as a request of the commissioner.
Celestial Blaze - February 2020 - Light of the Sun is my favorite song by Levc so i wanted to remix it as soon as i heard it and this is the result. I'm still very proud of this song because of how complex the composition is for my standards. I also used a bunch of new soundfonts that i got at the time like Majora's Mask which i has just got cause i finished the game again before writing the song, and also Final Fantasy VII. But the most unique one is a custom electric guitar soundfont made by my friend Alex, it sounds really cool so i wanted to use it for this song.
Rocket Power - March 2020 - Somewhere last year Emily told us there was gonna be a flash featuring Dad that needed music, so i asked if i could do it and composed this. I can't say much more about the flash but i'm pretty happy with the song itself. It's a remix of "Cooldown" By Andrew Obeng which is like dad's main theme. The soundfont i used for it is one i extracted from the GBA game "Rocket Power: Zero Gravity Zone" (hence the name) along with some other sounds that i liked from various things like Pokémon Emerald.
Town of Breath - April 2020 - Around the time i wrote this song i was playing a lot of Zelda games, this song specifically is inspired by "The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap" on the gameboy advance. It also uses the Minish Cap soundfont. The theme is based on the deer village seen in Desynced, it has that first town theme sorta vibe which is perfect for what i wanted. It also uses the same motif as "Heart of the Land" which was hard to do since that song is in the 4/4 time signature and this one is in 3/4.
Lee's Theme - May 2020 - Lee didn't have any songs yet cause everyone hates him, but because of this i thought it would be really cool to write a Pokémon B2/W2 style enemy encounter theme for him. I had recently extracted all the soundfonts from those games as well so i used only B2/W2 soundfonts for this theme. It's definitely one of my favorite songs i wrote for this album. So much so that i later rearranged it as the Terror Granbull encounter theme for Pokémon Unbound.

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