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Hi, my name is PotatoBoss, i usually like to make J-RPG style music like battle themes or stuff like that. I also enjoy making Orchestral songs which is why i often incorporate this aspect in a lot of my other stuff. My main inspiration comes from video games that i like to play like: Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda, EarthBound, Final Fantasy and more (but it would take way too much space to list all that stuff here haha). I'm also very inspired by Homestuck music, this is the comic that got me into making music professionally.

Prices and Payment:
I only take payments through paypal. My prices are as follows:
€50 for an original theme. ($55.16)
€25 for a remix. ($27.58)
I can only take a set amount of commissions at a time so please contact me if you want to know if i'm available to take a commission.

Original Song (OC Battle theme)
Original Song (Multiple Characters)
Original Song (Land Theme)
Remix (Sunsetter)
Remix (MeGaLoVania)
Remix (Lotus)

If you're interested you can contact me on the following platforms:


Discord: PotatoBoss#6609

Twitter: @potatomoosik

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